Temperature uniformity survey

Recording of temperature uniformity survey

Many industrial plants (with heat treatment processes for manufactured parts) are subject to specific quality requirements. Standards such as the AMS2750E (NADCAP) and dated guidelines and plant procedures are especially used in the aviation industry. 

These standards are used:

  • To ensure the high quality of the heat treatment process.
  • To guarantee the compliance of the processes with the requirements of customers, who actually carry out control audits. 

Presently, similar requirements are placed on manufacturers in the automotive industry. This industry’s parameters of heat treatment processes are regulated by the CQI-9 standard. This standard requires:

  • The use of temperature sensors with a certain class of accuracy confirmed by a calibration certificate.
  • The need for cyclic measurements of industrial furnaces. 
  • This standard and cyclic measurements require the use of the System Accuracy Test (SAT) or the Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS). 

The regular inspection of the measuring instruments, and the appropriate documentation of the results guarantee:

  • The heat treatment processes are carried out according to the specified quality requirements.
  • The capability and the reproducible quality of manufactured products.

As you know, regular and steady inspection of measuring equipment promises that the heat treatment processes are carried out according to the specified quality requirements. While the appropriate documentation allows for these quality requirements to continue with your reproducible quality of manufactured products.

Test reports must include

  • Calibration of temperature sensors.
  • Checking measuring systems.
  • Recording of a temperature uniformity survey (in the furnace space).

This provides needful and extensive data:

  • From process sensors.
  • From reference sensors.
  • And from measuring devices.

This data is collected during the research and is presented in the form of a report.

This report facilitates the interpretation of the data.


We have the necessary measuring  instruments that meet the highest requirements.

We also have the appropriate software for registering and generating test reports.

All of our test reports are in strict accordance with applicable standards.

When you choose our solutions:

  • You will save the time needed for data analysis.
  • You will have clear, transparent documentation necessary to monitor and control processes of:

- Different forms of data presentation (whether tabular or graphic).

- Easier interpretation of necessary data.

- The maintenance of a single standard (regarding cyclic and reproducible tests) for processing the results facilitates data comparison.

Special tests

We have a wide range of temperature sensors at our disposal. We produce these sensors in a single quantity (for special requirements).

We properly design our sensors with:


  • Incredible measuring accuracy.
  • Accuracy of speed and repeatability.
  • And mechanical, thermal and electrical strength.


Here in our own laboratories, Guenther Polska is capably able to produce and check precise sensors adapted to specific measurement conditions. 


Thanks to the guaranteed and proven accuracy of Guenther Polska products, we can carry out calibrations and control tests on industrial sites. And we can administer temperature recording on various industrial sites.

Experience Guenther Polska’s highly technical experience of over 50 years, and share our product advancement and brand excellence.