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 Guenther Polska Sp. z o.o.  - over 10 years of consulting and production in Poland.


Since 2008, Guenther Polska has been part of the Günther GmbH Group, which manufactures temperature sensors for various industrial applications in the range from -200°C to +2200°C. The head office is located in Schwaig, Germany, where the production of temperature sensors was started already in 1968. Our sensors are adapted to individual needs and installation requirements. Many process and machine connections are available, such as threaded, flanged, bayonet, compression fittings, etc. We supply a wide range of mounting accessories, plugs and sockets, thermocouple and compensation cables and temperature transmitters with the sensors.

From municipal incinerators to medical devices, from ventilation to the chemical industry, from agricultural production to glass, our know-how and the technology we use makes us Your partner for heat treatment processes. We have the expertise to help optimise thermal processes. Thanks to many years of experience and well-established technical knowledge, we help our customers to develop the best solution in temperature measurement adapted to individual requirements.


Our product portfolio:

  • thermoocuples
  • resitanse thermometers
  • thermocouple, compensating and connecting cable
  • temperature transmitters
  • thermocouples with EKatech protection tube
  • systemy profilowania temperatury marki PhoenixTM
  • metal and ceramic covers
  • plugs, sockets and other measuring accessories


In addition, we provide:

  • service, testing service SAT i TUS
  • calibration in the measuring laboratory


We also offer training:

  • the basic principles of sensor operation and selection
  • extended training related to the standard AMS2750 i CQI-9
  • TUS and SAT basics
  • dedicated to distributors and business partners