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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Machinebuilders

For temperature measurements in ventilation and cooling systems, industrial and laboratory heating cabinets, medical devices (autoclaves/ sterilizers), smoking chambers, catering ovens, transformers and many other machines and devices we offer individually selected temperature sensors and protective fittings. The sensors are designed in consultation with the customer. In this way, temperature measurement and sensor design are optimized for the application.

The temperature sensors for installation in machines are primarily small and compact. The M12 electrical connectors allow quick and reliable connection of cables, and designs with dedicated plugs provide a compact design or high IP65/67 protection as required. The sensors are resistant to shocks and vibrations; quick response times are guaranteed, among others through the small diameter of the cover and the execution constricted. The resistance sensors are mainly made with a Pt100, Pt1000 sensor in 2-, 3- or 4-wire configuration, optionally with another sensor. Thermocouple sensors are usually J, K or L type with a construction with a cable terminated with free ends or other electrical connection as required.

Often applied temperature sensors for Original Eguipment Manufacturers and Machinebuilders