6X-BTF. Temperature probes with bayonet lock

Sensors with a bayonet connection are used for measurement
temperatures in machine blocks, installations and foundry molds, primarily in the plastics industry. Different versions of the measuring tips are available, including flat half-round or 118° cones. The sensors are equipped as standard with a stainless steel spring, on which there is a bayonet connector.


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Advantages of sensors with a bayonet connector
  • Reliable, durable construction
  • Different types of connecting cables
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Spring diameter and length matched to mounting hole

Sensors are made in a straight or angular form. For each version, 3 typical measuring tip shapes, flat, half-round or 118 ° point angle are available. The latter adapts very well to the standard, drilled hole.

The sensors are equipped with a compression spring on which the mounting length is adjusted. The spring also provides adequate pressure at the measuring point and protects the cable from bending. The installation length is variable, limited on the one side by the length of the measuring tip and on the other by the length of the spring.

The standard measuring sensors are Pt100 in a 2-, 3- or 4-wire connetion system in the accuracy class according to EN 60751 (mostly class A or B). Double versions or the use of special resistance thermometers are also possible.

Typical sensor applications