Glass and Brick Industry

Thermocouples for glass industry

For 50 years we have been working on the problems of temperature measurement in the glass industry - we can now proudly say that our experience in this field is quite extensive. In order to meet the extreme conditions required for the production of glass, we use only the highest quality materials to build our thermocouples. Over the years, we have also improved and developed our technology and production techniques in order to be able to meet almost all the requirements of our customers and prepare individually designed products. This, and the fact that we have provided standard dimensions for precious metal sleeves, ceramic tubes and thermocouple cable, which are always available on site, allows us to provide our customers with many options for temperature sensors flexibly and quickly.

Accurate and reliable sensors  as well as extending the service life of sensors are importan Even calibrating the sensors while they are operational is possible. 

Often applied temperature sensors in the Glass industry