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Our Thermocouples are all manufactured according to          European Norm EN 1363-1

FT-FireTECH product group is a series of probes, thermocouples and accessories used in laboratories. The temperature sensors are designed for temperature measurements on all fire test furnaces. All of our devices are manufactured according to requirements for European Norm EN 1363-1 (with certificates of calibration).


This series includes

Plate thermocouples (furnace thermocouples) with Plate    thermometers:

Furnace thermocouples are used to measure exposure furnace temperature during tests on resistance to fire. The probe is consist of nickel alloy plate with a thermocouple fixed to it and insulation material also according to European Norm EN 1363-1.


Unexposed surface thermocouples FT-FireTECH (Disk              thermocouples): 

Surface thermocouples are used to measure temperature of the unexposed surface of the test specimen during a fire resistance laboratory tests. Thermocouples used consist of copper disc with soldered type K thermocouple wires and an insulating pad. Sheathed thermocouples with cables and roving thermocouples with handles.


Protective pipes, plates and insulators with other accessories: 

Our wide range of mounting accessories and electrical connectors (including plugs and sockets) all allow for quick, safe and reliable connection of temperature sensors with meters (applicable for for fire resistance testing).

The measuring element is a Class 1 Thermocouple type K. The measuring point is placed on a plate and is protected (by an        insulating insert) from direct contact with fire. The construction of our thermocouples is resistant to vibration. Our special protective tube material ensures a long lasting service and function,            with consistent measuring characteristics. Straight versions or bent protective pipes are also available, and the connection between the plate and pipe is either a specifically designed swivel           connector or cotter pin. Both of these designs allow the plate to be positioned perfectly according to the actual measurement location.

Often applied temperature sensors during tests on resistance to fire.

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