Chemical and Petrochemical Industry

For these Industries we offer a wide range of products for temperature measurements. Products like ATEX certified temperature sensors and transmitters.

Sensors for temperature control in technological processes of production and refining of oil and gas are produced with interchangeable measuring inserts. Protection tubes are made of different types of steel and provide high mechanical protection and chemical resistance. There are available classic measuring inserts or shock-resistant versions. For mounting in potentially explosive area sensors are supplied with adequate protection Ex i or Ex d and ATEX certificate. Inside the terminal head, according to the requirements, can be install transmitters with analog output 4-20mA with HART and  SIL certificate.

Often applied temperature sensors in Chemical and Petrochemical industries

If you are interested in the solutions we have offered the branches within sensors for chemical or petrochemical industry, please contact us. We are glad to be of service. 


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