Technical Information

2. Coding of Thermoelectric and Compensation Cables

Colour coding of thermoelectric and compensation cables is standardised in DIN EN 60584-3.  Standardisation contributes to minimising the danger of confusion and current reversal.
The maximum operating temperature is defined by the insulating material, therefore the corresponding data sheets should be observed.

Insulating Materials Max. Temperature
PVC 105°C
TPE-0 130°C
ETFE 155°C
Silicone 180°C
FEP 205°C
MFA 235°C
PFA 260°C
E-Glass Fiber 400°C
R-Glass Fiber 700°C
Silica 1000°C
Nextel 1200°C

III. Temperature resistances for different insulating materials of compensation and thermoelectric cables