Technical Information

1. Basic

Compensation cables are the link from thermocouple assembly to reference junction. The wires consist of alternative materials, not identical to the individual appendant thermocouples, yet possessing the same thermoelectric properties within the permissible temperature range pursuant to DIN 43722.

Following the law of homogenous circuits, the material between measurement and reference junctions must not vary. In theory, the thermocouple could lead all the way to the reference junction, which, mainly due to cost reasons, is not practised.

Compensation cables have either solid or litz wires and are produced with various strand counts, shielding and insulation. They are marked with code letter C, which is placed after the code letter for the appendant thermocouple, e.g. SC for a platinum thermocouple type S.

Picture 1: More than 200 compensating and thermo-line types directly in stock.

Thermoelectric cables are made of the same material as the appendant element. By joining the wire at one end, thermoelectric cables become thermocouples, something that is practiced in drag measurement, for example.

Thermoelectric cables are available as litz or solid wires with various types of insulation. They are marked with the letter “X”, which is placed after the code letter of the thermocouple, e.g. “KX” thermocouple for NiCr-Ni-element, type K.

Fig. 1: Installation measure circuit