R7/T7 - R8/T8

Ex i, Strefa 0 Gaz, Strefa 0/1 Gaz, Strefa 20 Pył, Strefa 20/21 Pył, | Czujniki z przewodem

Built similarly to the sensors of product group R6 / T6, these cable temperature sensors are additionally approved for zones 0, 0/1 and 20, 20/21 respectively.



ATEX R7 / T7 / R8 / T8

Ex i, Zone 0 Gas, Zone 0/1 Gas, Zone 20 Dust, Zone 20/21 Dust, Cable sensors

These ATEX cable temperature probes are similarly constructed as the cable sensors of product groep R6 / T6, but they have a wider application area. The sensors are approved for zones 0, 0/1 and 20, 20/21 and have a continuous or stepped protective tube, are straight or angled, with connected mineral-insulated line.

Possible zone separations are clamped screw connections IP67 with metric or imperial connection threads.

II 1G Ex ia IIC T6-T1 Ga
II 1/2G Ex ia IIC T6-T1 Ga/Gb
II 1D Ex ia IIIC TX Da
II 1/2G Ex ia IIIC TX Da/Db

Application area of our ATEX temperature sensors

For questions or advice about the construction of an ATEX temperature sensor most suitable for your process, please feel free to contact us.