Wireless transmitter

In-Head temperature transmitter with 1 universal measuring input. The device is designed for mounting in the sensor terminal head form B or bigger. The temperature and other associated values are transmitted wirelessly to a dedicated receiver. Transmission band 868MHz.

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Key features

  • Measurement input for esistance sensor Pt100 or thermocouples
  • Wide range of supply voltage 5 to 24V DC
  • Low power consumption
  • Communication range up to 4km [LOS]
  • Operating frequency 868MHz


Technical Specifications

Type In-head
Input  RTD, Thermoocuples
RTD Input Pt100
Connection 2-, 3- or 4-wire
TC input Thermocouple:  J, K, N, T, R, S, B
Cold junction compensation Internal temperature sensor
Output Transmitter 868MHz
Measuring channel 1
Supply 5 to 24 VDC
Permissible ambient temperature -40 to +80oC

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