Temperature transmitters

Temperature transmitters are electronic devices that convert a signal from temperature sensors (resistive or voltage) to a standardized electrical signal.

The most popular are transmitters with 4...20mA analogue current output or 0...10V voltage output. The intelligent ones are transmitters equipped with HART, Profibus or Modbus digital signals.

A separate group consists of transmitters with a built-in wireless transmitter. The values of the measured temperature and other parameters relevant for this solution (e. g. power supply) are transmitted wirelessly to a dedicated receiver.

We offer a wide range of temperature transmitters:

  • Transmitters for mounting in the sensor connection head
  • Transmitters in a field housing with/without display
  • Transmitters with wireless communication
  • Transmitters for operation in hazardous areas
  • Transmitters with marine DNV approval
  • Transmitters with redundancy function (1 of 2)