Temperature Sensors with a Machine Connector

Temperature sensors with a machine connector are mainly small-size versions, resistant to vibration and vibration. They are intended for installation in machines and technological lines, or in those places where small dimensions of the fittings are crucial.

The 74-WTH series includes designs with a straight or tapered measuring tip, without or with a threaded connection depending on the process requirements. A temperature transducer with a 4...20mA current output can be built inside the sensor. The sensors, depending on their construction, are designed for media measurement up to max + 400°C.

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Advantages of Resistance Thermometers with Machine Connectors:

  • Resistant to Vibrations
  • Quick Connection of Cables and Sensors
  • Small dimensions
  • High tightness (IP protection)


The sensors are available with 2 types of electrical connections: M12 or plug connector according to DIN EN 175 301-801.

The M12x1 electrical connector provides a high degree of protection IP65 and a comfortable, fast cable connection via a 4-pin socket.

The valve connector is a common type of connection of devices with wires, characterized by a high IP degree.

Sensors are most often made with Pt100 or Pt1000 measuring insert in accuracy class B or A according to EN 60751 in 2- or 3-wire technology. Versions with other sensors or dual measuring circuits (e.g. 2xPt100) are possible. Optionally, a 4...20mA temperature transmitter can be mounted.

Application area of our Temperature Sensors with a Machine Connector (74-WTH)