Gt 5337D

The GT 5337D temperature transmitter has a universal, configurable analogue input, both for RTD sensors (Pt100 etc. ) as well as thermocouple and analog output 4...20mA  with HART® protocol version 7 (converted to version 5).

Configuration and diagnostics is possible either via PC software or via HART communicator.


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Technical characteristics

  • Temperature transmitter GT 5337D is designed according to strict safety requirements and is therefore suitable for applications in SIL installations
  • Meeting the NAMUR NE21 recommendations, the GT 5337D HART transmitter ensures top measurement performance in harsh EMC environments. Additionally meets NAMUR NE43 and NE89 recommendations.
  • HART protocol revision can be changed by user configuration to either HART 5 or HART 7 protocol.

Protocol HART® 7

  • Long Tag numbers of up to 32 characters
  • Enhanced Burst Mode and Event notification with time stamping
  • Device variable and status mapping to any dynamic variable PV, SV, TV or QV
  • Automatic event notification with time stamps


  • Conversion of signal from tempeartyre sensors to a standard analog current signal
  • Linearized temperature measurement with TC and RTD sensors e.g. Pt100 and Ni100.
  • Measurement of a difference or average value from 2 RTD sensors or thermocouples
  • Conversion of linear resistance to a standard analog current signal, e.g from valves or Ohmic level sensors
  • Conversion of mV signal to a standard analog current signal 4...20mA

Technical specification

Type In-head
Measuring input RTD, Thermocouple, mV, Ohm
RTD input  Pt50, Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000, Ni100, Ni120, Ni1000 
Connection 2-, 3- or 4-wire
Thermocouple input Type B, C, D, E, J, K, N, R, S, T, W3, W5, LR
Analogue output 4-20 mA, HART® 7 
HART® Protocol HART protocol revision selectable from HART 5 or HART 7
Galvanic isolation 1500 VAC
Measuring channels 1 or 2 
Power supply 8 to 30 V DC
Extended EMC immunity NAMUR NE21, A criterion
Sensor error indication Programmable, NAMUR NE43


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