Gt 5334A3B

Temperature transmitter designed for mounting in the sensor head. It is equipped with 1 configurable measurement input for thermocouples, including the most popular ones such as J, L, K, S, B, N and analog current output in the range of 4...20mA. Processing range as well as other parameters, e. g. Signalling of overrange or thermocouple interruption is configured from a computer through dedicated software and communication interface.

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Head mounted temperature transmitter GT 5334A3B

  • 1 measuring input, configurable for Thermocouples or Voltage [mV] 
  • Internal temperature sensor for CJC
  • Analogue output 4...20mA
  • Sensor error indication according to NAMUR NE43
  • Accurate process calibration option


Basic temperature transmitter used in thermocouple head sensors. Converts the mV signal from the TC to a standardized 4...20mA current signal within the set range (e. g. 0...600oC). It also provides information on exceeding the set measurement range or interruption in the TC circuit through a defined value of output current in the range of 3. 5mA to 23mA. The adjustable response time allows suppression of unwanted momentary values, improving further temperature control and monitoring.

Technical specification

Type In-head
Input Thermocouple or mV
Thermocuple B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T, U, W3, W5, LR
Galvanic isolation 1500V AC
Output  4 - 20mA
Power supply 7.2 - 35V DC 
Approvals CE, INMETRO, EAC, DNV-GL Marine

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