Threaded mineral insulated resistance thermometers

Threaded mineral Insulated resistance thermometers (55-WES) are used for general temperature measurement in low-pressure gaseous, liquid and plastic media environments, depending on the properties of the protective tube and surrounding media, up to a temperature of 800°C.

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These are by far the most applied resistance thermometers. The tube diameter and insert length can be manufactured in virtually any size and the process connection is available in many varieties.

Fast responding sensors are possible when the sensor has a reduced tip. In this series you also have the advantage of working with a replaceable measuring insert.

A threaded socket is welded to the protective tube, providing for the stability of the process connector in sensors of this product line. Depending on the application, the socket is welded to the protective pipe, either directly beneath the connection head or with a gap of 100 or 200mm, for example.

The protective fittings are usually made from a single seamlessly drawn high-grade steel tube with a circular blank welded inside.

For specialised applications (precision, long-term stability, etc.) we recommend the application of precision resistors with narrowed tolerance. Resistance values and tolerances of our resistance thermometers are pursuant to DIN EN 60751.

Application areas of our Threaded Mineral Insulated Resistance Thermometers (55-WES)