Ex i, R5 / T5

Ex i, Strefa 1 Gaz | złącza procesowe śrubunki zaciskowe, rury dystansowe

The threaded temperature sensors of this series consist out of measurement inserts that sticks out of the connection head. The sensors are suitable for Zone 1 Gas.

II 2G Ex ia IIC T6...T1 Gb 



ATEX R5 / T5

Exi, Zone 1 Gas, threaded or compression fitting, optionally with a neck tube

The measurement inserts are manufactured in 3mm, 4,5mm and 6mm dimensions. As process connections all different kinds of compression fittings or welded threaded connections, with or without a neck tube, are applied. 

The resistance thermometers (R5) are produced with all the conventional resistance elements like Pt100, Pt500 and Pt1000. The thermocouples (T5) are produced with thermo-elements type T, J, K, E and N.

Application area of our ATEX temperature sensors

For questions or advice about the construction of an ATEX temperature sensor most suitable for your process, please feel free to contact us.