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Maintenance services


Guenther Polska as a producer of the highest quality measuring equipment provides maintenance services related to ensuring the most accurate temperature measurements. In addition to standard services related to the calibration of the supplied temperature sensors, it is also possible to check the accuracy of measuring devices on installations, check the system accuracy, as well as perform measurements of temperature distributions in furnaces. Our many years of experience in monitoring and controlling temperature allows us to perform TUS and SAT tests in accordance with AMS2750E (NADCAP) and CQI-9 standards, which guarantees accurate and reliable operation of the furnaces. We have the necessary measuring devices that meet the highest requirements, we also have the appropriate software for recording and generating test reports in accordance with applicable standards, without the possibility of any interference in the recorded data.


We encourage You to regularly check your sensors and temperature measuring tracks, regardless of whether you are subject to the strict requirements of aviation or automotive standards. Ensuring proper control of heat treatment processes is an element related to both the reduction of production shortages and energy savings in your company. Reducing the cost of energy consumption in a plant is becoming an increasingly important topic, as energy costs are nowadays one of the most important costs for industrial plants. Our experienced service is able to provide expert assistance and guarantee the right documentation.

Our experienced service is able to provide professional assistance and guarantee proper documentation.