Comprehensive wireless solutions

We extend the possibilities of temperature measurementsy

The traditional approach to temperature measurements in the industry is based on a temperature sensor (thermocouple or resistance sensor) properly selected for the process conditions and its reliable connection by a cable with subsequent equipment for indication, control, regulation or recording.

TThere are, however, such objects where carrying out measurements according to the method described above is difficult or even impossible to perform. For objects in motion (e.g. on transport trolley) or inside rotary devices, we offer a comprehensive temperature measurement solution based on wireless signal transmission from the sensor to the receiver.

Temperature sensor - transducer (transmitter) - receiver.

The transmitter (TWPH-1UT) is installed in the connection head of the temperature sensor. Instead of a cable, an antenna is led out of the head. The temperature measured by the sensor is transmitted wirelessly to a remote receiver.

In the case of sensors made without a head, or when the ambient temperature of the head exceeds that permitted for electronics, the transmitter is mounted in a separate housing (e. g. a junction box or a separate head) from which the antenna is led out.

In order to strengthen the quality of the transmitted signal, increase the reliability of operation, there is a possibility of using an additional amplifier (repeater) on the way between the transmitter and receiver.

Other process variables?

Yes, it is now possible, thanks to the universal converter equipped with measuring inputs for standard current or voltage signals used in automation (4...20mA / 0...10V) there is the possibility of wireless transmission of other process variables such as pressure, humidity etc.

Monitoring and archiving.

The temperature values (or other process variables) sent to the receiver are available for subsequent devices in the form of an analog (4 ... 20mA) or digital (Modbus RTU) signal.

As part of a comprehensive solution, we offer dedicated software for visualization and data archiving, carried out locally or in the cloud, with access from any device anywhere (as part of network access).


Wireless temperature transmitter - TWPH-1UT

The Wireless PLUS series temperature transmitter, model TWPH-1UT, is a device designed for installation in standard temperature sensor heads. The transducer has one universal measuring input and a built-in 868MHz transmitter.

Wireless transmitter - TWP-4AI

The Wireless PLUS series transmitter, model TWPH-4AI, is a device equipped with 4 analog inputs, digital input and digital outputs. It enables the connection of external devices equipped with a current or voltage output signal (e.g. pressure transmitter) to transmit these signals.

Wireless repeater WRP001 

A device to increase the range and reliability of wireless communication between devices. It acts as a signal amplifier between transmitters and receivers or takes over traffic in case of communication loss in previously functioning connections (network redundancy function).

Receiver WGW420 

Key devices in a wireless network that receive signals from associated transmitters and / or amplifiers (repeaters). Converts the radio signal to a standardized current signal in the range of 4...20mA (8 such analog outputs) or digital - MODBUS protocol.

Tailor-made solutions

We develop solutions for new applications, starting with the selection of the sensor, through transmitters, amplifiers and receivers. The signal from temperature measurement is available for your automation systems as a standardized current signal (4...20mA) and in digital form (MODBUS). Using the MODBUS protocol, data on the signal strength, current supply voltage of the transmitter and many others are also available.

Special features of our solution:

  • Long range of the network through the possibility of using amplifiers

  • Reduction of cabling costs for objects spread over a large area

  • Possibilities of powering transmitters with voltage sources (batteries, accumulators, etc.).

  • Wireless network with self-forming, self-healing and self-optimization features

  • Simple and intuitive configuration through dedicated software.
  • Support in design, selection, installations and commissioning. We have our own samples of devices for testing.

If you are interested in our solution, please contact us.