Diagnosis of industrial furnaces - temperature profiling

Many industrial plants where are heat treatment processes are covered by specific quality requirements. In aerospace industry they use standards such us AMS2750E (NADCAP ) and based on this similar guidelines and procedures works.

This standard is using to provide high quality of heat treatment processes and compliance with customer requirements. Similar requirements applies manufacturers of automotive parts, where parameters of heat treatment processes regulates the standard CQI-9.

These standards require the use of temperature sensors with the specified accuracy class with certificate of calibration, also require  periodic measurements of parameters of industrial furnaces, using the test system accuracy - SAT and the test temperature uniformity - TUS.

Periodic monitoring of measuring instruments and  documentation of the results ensure that a heat treatment meets the quality requirements and guarantee reproducible quality of manufactured products.


The Guenther Polska company as a producer of top-quality measuring equipment provides maintenance services related to ensuring the most accurate temperature measurements at the customers.

Except of standard calibration of temperature sensors, it is also possible to check the accuracy of measuring elements on installations, checking the accuracy of measuring circuits, as well as temperature profiling of furnaces.

Many years of experience in monitoring and temperature control allows to perform tests TUS and SAT in compliance with AMS2750E (NADCAP) and CQI-9, which ensures accurate and reliable operation of the furnaces.

We have appropriate measuring devices that meets the highest requirements and software, which automaticly generate clear reports compliant with current standards, without any possibility of intervention in the recorded data.


We encourage to perform regular measurements of the heat treatment processes regardless of whether you apply the requirements of aerospace or automotive standards, or they are not required.  Ensuring proper control of thermal treatment processes is an element related with a reduction of manufacturing defects, but also energy savings in your company.  Energy costs reducing at the plant becoming an increasingly important topic, because energy costs are currently among the most important costs for industrial plants (average of 10% of all costs).If you are unsure as to the accuracy of the temperature measurement in the furnace, it is worth examining how the temperature is distributed in the working space of the furnace. Our experienced service is able to provide professional assistance and prepare proper documentation.


Temperature sensors with reference port and greenTECH program

Sensors for temperature measurement in furnaces should be equipped as far as possible in the reference ports, which allows for control of measurement accuracy without any disassembly of sensor.

Optimal management of the heat treatment process requires certain measurement data from the controls sensors and the temperature profiling in the furnace chamber, which ensures minimization of manufacturing defects and compliance with the expectations of customers and auditors.

With the guaranteed and the proven accuracy of greenTECH sensors, users can improve industrial processes and achieve goals and environmental savings, such as:

- Improved performance

- Optimization of energy consumption,

- Reduce the risk of furnace damage.

Reduction of energy consumption is an important indicator for ecological activities related to environmental protection.The Guenther Polska company organizes  free training to optimize temperature measurements in industrial furnaces according with greenTECH program and performs  checks / diagnostics of industrial furnaces according to the required standards CQI-9 and AMS2750E.

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