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50 years experience of temperature measurement

Guenther Polska is a member of the Günther GmbH Group, which manufactures temperature probes for various industrial applications and cover the range of temperature from -200 ° C to +2200 ° C. The headquarter is located in Schwaig, where production of temperature probes were started in 1968.


Temperature probes we manufacture are designed for individual needs and installation requirements. There are many different process and machine connections, such as threaded, flanged, bayonet, compression fitting etc. Together with temperature probes, we supply a wide range of mounting accessories, plugs and sockets, compensating cables,  temperature transmitters.


From municipal incinerators to medical instruments, from ventilation to the chemical industry, from agricultural to production of glass, thanks to the know-how and technology we use, we can be your partner in heat treatment. We have the expertise to help you optimize your thermal processes and reduce CO2. We invite you to cooperate!

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